Performance Management for Non-Profit and Government Organizations

Is it time for those end-of-year appraisals? Does this create groans at all levels? It is time to “deal out” pay increases? How many complaints will you get this year?

Many Non-Profits organizations and governmental organizations are staffed with highly dedicated people. So, it is sometimes easy to take this commitment for granted. Performance management is one of the most critical processes for leadership, and, yet may be one of the least understood and appreciated.

Performance Management is a 1 – Day workshop designed to provide practical insight into the performance management process. The key word in the process is Performance – the bottom-line. This workshop will help leaders to use the overall process, how to interact with employees to use the process to motivate, develop employees. The product of Performance management process is …. Achieving the Organizations Goals.

During the workshop participants will explore each step in performance management through presentations on various perspectives and discussions. They will leave with an understanding that can be applied on the first day back on the job:

Performance Management for Non-Profit and Government Organizations>

  • Workshop Format

    • Performance Management Systems – the big picture
    • The important link to your organization or agency
    • Roles and Responsibilities – understanding how the organization should work
    • Planning for performance: Setting direction and setting performance expectations
    • Managing performance: regular feedback
    • Recognizing performance: Pay and other important recognition
    • Development and Succession Planning: creating leaders for the future

  • Instructors
    Ralph Clements
    Ralph Clements has served as Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering for over 15 years and has been involved with transformational leadership throughout his career. He has worked with locations around the world including Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Mexico and Russia. Ralph has extensive training in Lean Manufacturing, has successfully implemented continuous improvement processes like Six Sigma including SPC, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programs and others. Ralph graduated from Iowa State University a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Tulane University.

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