Results-Focused Leadership Training:

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  • Development of People and Succession Planning

  • Communication

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Statistical Process Control Training (SPC):

  • Where is Statistical Process Control?
    During World War II there was extensive use of Statistical Process Control (SPC). After that, its use waned, but again peaked in the 1970’s and 1980’s with the advent of “Total Quality” and other efforts.However, today the comprehensive use of SPC is still absent even in many companies with major investments in Lean-Six Sigma and other improvement processes.This is unfortunate, as SPC should be the foundation to understand and improve any process – and produce results.Clements Performance Solutions LLC can help you revitalize your improvement efforts and help you achieve results in many areas by integrating SPC into your Lean-Six Sigma or other improvement efforts.
  • Instructors
    Ralph Clements
    Ralph Clements has served as Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering for over 15 years and has been involved with transformational leadership throughout his career. He has worked with locations around the world including Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Mexico and Russia.Ralph has extensive training in Lean Manufacturing, has successfully implemented continuous improvement processes like Six Sigma including SPC, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programs and others.Ralph graduated from Iowa State University a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Tulane University.Fred Shelton
    Fred Shelton is a results-oriented training professional with 34 years’ experience in industry. He has a proven track record of designing, training, and implementing successful SPC processes, including winning the Monsanto Presidents Award for the best implementation of SPC.Fred’s expertise was recognized at the 86th Annual Meeting of the Air & Waste Management Association in Denver, Colorado. His well-attended sessions showed how SPC was used at minimal cost to eliminate the need for a million dollar project to treat the waste.Fred’s has Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Athens State College, and graduate studies in Probability and Statistics from the University of Alabama-Huntsville.
  • What Participants Have Said
    - “Fred and Ralph, I compliment both of you for your teaching skills.  You both held the attention of all.  I feel much better being able to use SPC.”
    - “I appreciated that the examples used our data and our products.”
    - “The time I was going through the class was spent thinking about which areas the process would be most helpful and which we will get the most return.  Excellent course.”
    - “Course material is very compelling!”"I like what SPC can show in long and short term.  Good Advantages.”
    - “Very Enjoyable.  I will be going over the material and work through some actual projects.”

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Leadership for Effective Processes

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  • Performance Management and Development

  • Capital Prioritization and Project Management

  • Safety, Environmental, Health, and Quality


Motivational Speaking